I found this very good free online tutorial for a zippered makeup bag over at Flossie Teacakes and ...

Stash busting gifts

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I found this very good free online tutorial for a zippered makeup bag over at Flossie Teacakes and then I found and immediately signed up for this free craftsy class for a slightly different style of zippered bag.

The result, of course, has been a total frenzy for making bags - its such a great gift idea and also as they can be made in virtually any size, a great way of using all those random fabric scraps that I can't bear to throw out.

This is the first one - the last time I made a zippered bag was in
high school which I worked out was about 25 years ago.

Then I went a little crazy and made a whole bunch of end of year teacher appreciation and such like gifts.

Left over fabric from my Peony dress

A little boy pencil case

And finally, the Craftsy class produced this lovely little zippered pouch.

The leftover fabric from my Simplicity 2588 Skirt

Now I don't get "crafty" very often so this was rather fun.  They took about 15 - 20 mins per bag and considering how appallingly expensive kids pencil cases are, I love that I can whip up a couple as needed for Olivia and her friends for the cost of a zipper.  Also, a girl can never have too many makeup/doo-dad bags so I know I can happily churn these out for friends. And because they are easy and cheap I won't feel bitter (loved this post BTW, made me laugh and I completely relate) if they are not liked/appreciated.  Its a win/win!


  1. I can think of at least 5 uses for these little lovelies...never can have enough zippered bags!

  2. Yup, I think they make a great gift and everyone always needs some extra storage, especially when its so pretty!
    I've made a few for gifts out of scraps too. Theyre so easy to customise!

  3. They're all gorgeous - especially the bright red zip and gorgeous floral fabric of the last one! Some very lucky teachers I think :) Such a great way to use fabric... and goodness knows I need a new toiletry tote. Inspired - thanks!

  4. They're really pretty. Thanks for the link to Flossie Teacakes. Your bags are much better made than I've done.
    I do agree they take very little time to make for such a useful and pretty outcome.

  5. Lovely bags and as you say great gifts as well. Thank you for the Flossie Teacakes link, the zip finish is very nice.


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