I thought it would be helpful for myself to write a list of sewing "hope to do's" for ...

Sewing Plans and Goals for 2013

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I thought it would be helpful for myself to write a list of sewing "hope to do's" for 2013.  It will help me gather my thoughts, plan my sewing time and give me something to review against, for better or worse, at the end of the year.

{Updated 17 September 2013, notes in brackets and italics}

So here they are.  I will revisit this page throughout the year and mark off each item as I am done.
  • Sew something from The Colette Sewing Handbook. Most likely a Meringue Skirt. {UPDATE: dont think so, its not appealing to me like it did earlier this year}
  • Sew something from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing. In fact, I plan to sew a number of things from this book this year.  These include (in no particular order).
    • Pencil skirt with flounce.  I really like the flounce, page 132
    • The Portrait blouse.  Page 137.  A sweet simple blouse.
    • The Sultry Sheath with a half circle skirt.  Page 143.  I'm already ahead on this one as I have a muslin that fits from when I made this for Lesley.
    • Peter Pan Blouse.  Page 160.  Love the back buttons and collar. 
    • Wiggle Dress or Brocade Dress.  Page 175.  Which version I make depends on the season when I get to it.  The Wiggle Dress would be great for winter. 
    • 1940's zip front dress.  Page 186.  I want to duplicate this dress, right down to the lace on the hem.  I just love it.  Whether I do depends solely on getting my hands on suitable fabric.
    • {UPDATE: All of this stuff is still on the list, although I haven't done any of this yet}
  • Another Burda Jenny Pencil Skirt. {UPDATE: Yep, I made this in May as part of a refashion}
  • A couple of versions of  McCalls 5523, a pencil skirt with cute back details. {UPDATE: Yes, I made one version of this in May using some vintage fabric and have another planned.}
  • Something using the Tessuti Lace I won (yayyy) from Poppykettle.  I'm busting to use it but want to make a worthy project.  {UPDATE: Not yet.  Still waiting on inspiration, but this will probably get made up this Spring}
And a lovely bundle it is too.  Its a gorgeous cotton lace of beautiful quality.
  • Something using this cotton navy lace.  I feel that 2013 will be a lace year for me.   I'm actually thinking of making a peplum top and pencil skirt outfit in this. {UPDATE: Not yet. This will probably get made up this Spring.  I've decided on and purchased my underlining and lining though and will use it to make the Vogue dress from the Craftsy Couture dress class}
    I just can't decide on the underlining.  Here it is with cream silk.  Thinking a navy or black would be better?
    • Something from my unexpected win at BurdaStyle. The book includes a couple of cute bags/totes and a little girl dress as well as a panel of Spoonflower fabric, perfect to use to make one of the totes. Considering that I've always been a "never win anything" person, following sewing blogs has had a totally unexpected side benefit of winning free stuff. Who would have thought!!?? {UPDATE: Not yet, nothing planned}
    My prize from BurdaStyle.  Thank you BurdaStyle.
    Pattern Review has released the contests for 2013.  If one of my planned sews fits in with one of the contents, I may actually enter a couple just for the fun of it.{UPDATE: Changed my mind about this, I decided I currently couldn't be bothered}

    That's roughly 22 things on my wish list for this year, which is roughly something every two weeks.  I think it is a tad ambitious considering my life but it is possible and my sad little wardrobe will be amazing by the end of it if I manage to get all this done (currently my 6 year old has more clothes than me.  Its a sad state of affairs).   Everything I also already have the patterns in my stash (yayy) so note to self: STOP BUYING PATTERNS.  YOU HAVE ENOUGH!!!! To which I reply to self, mockingly: "Darling, you can NEVER have enough fabric or patterns".  True.  True.  I'll try to restrain myself though.

    OK, reading that back I am surprised at how much I would like to do.  Its more than I expected when I first sat down to write a list.  Lets see what the year brings.  I am looking forward to the possibilities. 


    1. I just made my first thing from the Colette book- also a meringue!

      Good luck with the new wardrobe!

    2. Woah, that's quite a list!! But I find lists are much better at keeping me on track :) How are you finding the couture dress class? I keep meaning to start that but haven't found the right fabric for it yet :( That cotton navy is delish! Bring on 2013 :D

    3. Yeah. My list is a bit ambitious methinks. Will see how I go. If I get half of it done I'll be happy. The couture dress class is great. Susan is a great teacher. Her love for sewing oozes from her. Some parts are a bit tedious/basic but still worth watching as she will suddenly mention something extremely useful/helpful. I still haven't found the right fabric either. I need to get into the city to Tessuti or The Fabric Store. But a lot of time is spent on the muslin so I am doing that part now and planning a fabric buying trip when the kids are back at school. Any suggestions on a colour for the underlining on the navy lace? I can't decide...

    4. Your sewing plans for the year are great! I need to update my list too. Btw, I'm glad I found your blog. I'm from Sydney too and its nice to find local seamstresses. :)

    5. Thanks! I'm glad you left a comment because I found your blog and loved reading up on your projects. I love to Crochet too. I'm in the Hills District FYI and ditto... It's always nice to find a local sewer, we are out there but few and far between so it's always a nice discovery for me too.

    6. 'Stop buying patterns' wasn't on your to-do list, so you are technically 'safe' for the year! I have just started the couture dress class, so can't wait to see what you make up from it...J

      * is the Hills District like Baulkham/Castle Hills way??? I went to Jasper Road Public School for Grade 1 back in....lets just say, middle to late last century....


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