I have had a great time this week sewing along with the 30 Minutes a Day Tiramisu Knit Dress Sewalon...

Tiramisu Dress

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I have had a great time this week sewing along with the 30 Minutes a Day Tiramisu Knit Dress Sewalong.  Steph has been looking after us all like a loving mother hen.  In fact there are two reasons why this pattern should be on just about everyone's list if its your style...

1) The pattern is beautifully drafted, easy to customise and flattering for just about everyone.
2) Steph.  She will look after you.  Her "after sales service" is second to none.  Steph REALLY CARES that you have a great experience sewing her patterns and will go out of her way to assist with any fitting issue. 

Anyhow, here is the finished result

Tiramisu.  The face of satisfaction.
I had no end of problems making this dress, and I am going to have a bit of a vent, most of this can be skipped if you have been following the Flickr Group, as I vented a bit there as well...

Problem 1: The fabric was a Spotlight fabric disaster.  The dye ran so much the water was dark blue.  Not surprisingly I now have a variety of shades of "white" polka dots.  I am getting familiar with my Dylon Colour Run Remover from my last run-in with poor quality Spotlight fabric.  It is also poor quality generally, not that I expected great for the price I paid. 

I asked for (and paid for) 2m and only received not quite 1.5m.  I mean sheesh Spotlight.  This is getting ridiculous.  I have had past problems with fabric cut containing huge aka obvious imperfections, and/or cut really crooked (eg: 1.5m in length along one selvedge, 1.3m along the other selvedge.  Big fat frowny face) and other issues.  When fabric shopping with a 2 year old,  my vigilance is expended on toddler wrangling, not much attention span left for ensuring the Spotlight employee does their job competently. 
Solution: I pressed ahead with making the dress as I had nothing else on hand and decided if all else fails it would be a good practice dress.  It also only cost $3/m so I am only out of pocket $6 + my time if it doesn't hold up to wear.

Problem 2: My overlocker decided to go crazy and the tension was so bad I couldn't use it for the first half of this dress.  Broken threads, needles misteriously getting unthreaded, huge loopy stitches.  I had it all happening.
Solution: When my usual fix of new needles and rethreading and a good clean failed I threaded each spool with a different colour so I could really see where the problem was coming from.  Yep.  Lower Looper.  It took turning the tension up to 9(!!!) to get a good stitch.  Enough to press ahead for the rest of the dress and I think a service is in order.  The inside of this dress is now very colourful with green, red, yellow and blue serger threads.  I'm calling it pretty and sailing on.

Problem 3:  I had a few "what the" moments getting the fit right on the bodice.  It took quite a few *pin/machine basting, try on, take off, repin, try on, take off (repeat from * ad infinitum) before I found the solution for my shape.  (33 high bust, 34 bust, 30 under bust, 27 waist).  The problem was exacerbated by the poor stretch recovery of the fabric which I think led to a bit more distortion than usual.

Tiramisu bodice adjust attempt 2 (this one worked)
You can read more about what I did over on the Flickr page, click on the pic to go there.
Solution: Don't give up.   Stay calm.   And go to bed when things start looking nasty. 

Problem 3:  A crazy insane week.  Sick kids,  school holidays, lots on in the real life land. 
Solution: The 30 minutes a day really helped with this.  I just took it one day at a time and somehow managed to make a dress in a week that usually I would not have got any sewing done.  I am going to continue the 30 minutes a day routine.  It really works and makes me feel like I can indulge my "hobby" and have precious precious "me time" without neglecting my family or other parts of my life. 

Anyhow, here are some other shots of the dress. 

Obligatory "look no gaping" shot.
Sitting in my Tiramisu
A back view (what are my kids doing over there?)
Side view
Reality intrudes with a nice shot of the back door gumboots.
There are few more pics on my Tiramisu set over on Flickr

And it all ends well...I got a parcel in the mail today with some beautiful striped jersey of lovely quality that will be Tiramisu #2. 


  1. Phil and Yana Riethmuller8:11 p.m., January 15, 2013

    You look lovely in your new dress. Well done with persevering through all your troubles and getting it done. And I totally understand about Spotlight, it happened to me before and I only realised the mistake once I've cut into the fabric. Otherwise I would have gone back and demanded a new piece, but all I could do was buy another meter to finish my project.

  2. Your dress has turned out great! I finished mine and love it too :)

  3. WOW. You look absolutely stunning in this dress! And in spite of your troubles with the fabric, it doesn't show, the polka dots still look white. Beautiful!

  4. soisewedthis.blogspot.com8:50 a.m., January 16, 2013

    i love the polka dots! sorry to hear they were causing so many problems!

  5. Your Tiramisu is gorgeous and the fit looks great! My measurements almost match yours but I just can't get my Tira bodice to fit correctly. I've been stuck on step 7 forever. I need to borrow some of your perseverance! Can't wait to see your second one.

  6. Thanks. Will see how it is after a few more washes...

  7. Well at least I know the polka dots work well for me for this pattern so I'm going to keep my eye peeled for a better quality fabric. I love polka dots too!

  8. I love your version too. And thanks!

  9. I should have gone back but I just didn't have the time to spare and once I realised I could still squeeze the dress out I decided not to worry. But in future I'm going to be considerably more vigilant when they are cutting! And thank you!

  10. I think I saw yours today on the Flickr Group and it looks like you did a great job on yours as well! I think the fabric makes a huge difference to the fit depending on its weight and stretch etc. Thanks for the lovely comment!

  11. That was my Tira. I stayed up very late last night! The midriff still looks a little low and lumpy but it gives me some ideas for next time. Thanks for your comment!

  12. Your Tiramisu is lovely and looks so good on you. I have made it too and love wearing it. I had a few fitting issues but it was my body shape and not the pattern. The pattern was easy to follow. I was going to go to Spotlight to find a piece of fabric to make this before using my special piece of fabric but past experience told not to bother. Like you, I find the staff at Spotlight so unhelpful and have little or no knowledge of sewing. I have stood in a queue for 15 minutes, only to have staff answer a phone call in preference to serving the people in the queue. I could go on and on but at times, I simply have to go there as they closed down all small fabric shops and draperies in Brisbane and left sewers little choice.

  13. We share the same feelings about Spotlight. I leave swearing never to return but I end up there again for the same reasons as you - no other choice. Although Hobbysew is good, the service is my local store is excellent and they are great for notions and whatnot. Although they only sell quilting cottons I often go there for thread and zippers and interfacing so I can avoid the Spotlight queue at least for those things.

  14. You look terrific in this dress , and it fits you beautifully. Tiramisu looks like a wonderful pattern. Congratulations.

  15. This is a really beautiful dress it looks stunning on you. Looks like a nice summer dress!

    Erin @ i-heart-fabric.blogspot.com.au


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