I'm not a very "crafty"* person but when I stumbled across this free tutorial and patt...

A Girl Inspired Make a Doll Party

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I'm not a very "crafty"* person but when I stumbled across this free tutorial and pattern for a Doll I knew I had to have a go for the sake of my 6 year old daughter.

Today it turned out to be a perfect school holiday activity to keep 4 little girls amused.  They loved the stuffing part and choosing their head, body and legs to make their own customised doll.

I used fabric scraps for everything (so this was a great stashbuster) and only needed to purchase the felt for the hair.  The stuffing was from an old cushion and futon stuffing (yay, recycling).  It didn't take me long, just a couple of quiet evenings to assemble everything and do the faces.

I embroidered the faces on and used black buttons for the eyes and coloured in the checks using a red pencil.

The dolls also served as great entertainment as puppets just before they were stuffed and the legs and bottom sewn up!

The tutorial and pattern was great.  Thank you very much Stef for making it available. 

*By crafty I mean the kind of person who makes stuff (knick-knacks, doo-dads, stuff that does on shelves or walls purely to be looked at), as opposed to clothes or something that has a practical use.  


  1. These little dolls are so sweet and I am sure your girls will love them for years. Thanks for the pattern link. I think I will print it out for future use. I may be lucky enough to have a granddaughter one day.

  2. The dolls are so cute, I think we will all want one. Glad your girls also enjoyed the process of making them.

  3. They are really cute and what a great idea for your daughter and her friends.


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